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Question about mood swings after taking Cardarine/Cardazol.


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Hey guys so about 3 weeks ago I started a 1ml/day Cardarine and 6 Cardazol 2 per meal for every day and just recently switched due to reading Dylan?s guide on taking Cardazol so I?ve been using 1 cap 1 hour prior to a workout and one right before. I noticed the first week something felt missing(? I apologize if i?m being vague here) and it?s gotten progressively worse to the point where i?ve been depressed. Is this just a bad reaction?
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that has nothing to do with the cardarine and cardazol... i have no idea what else is going on in your life but its nothing to do with those


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Yea man those def are not sides ive ever experience from cardazol or cardarine from esarms.