Poll question for everyone: New Products to Add/ Peptides


We have had several requests over the last few months to start stocking peptides, which we are considering because we always try to do whatever we can to make our customers happy.

We are considering adding a peptide line...

We are looking at adding tb-500, bpc-157, ghrp 2 and 6, mt2, semorelin, hexarelin, ipam and the cjc's...

We are also considering adding HCG and HMG

Just trying to gauge the interest out there!!

Please reply to this thread with your thoughts!
TB-500, BPC 157 and HcG, would be awesome
There?s so much shit out there at least with you guys we would know it?s 100% Legit!
i think you should add in the major ones and see if they sell well. tb, bpc are 2 that i have used.
I would be interested in the 2 healing peptides personally. I think it is always a great idea to carry products the members are asking for.
The GHRPs, hex, ipa, and CJC always sell well as do the healing ones. Id def do though at least a GHRP with a GHRH.
the ones im most excited about are HMG, TB500 and bpc... think about how difficult it is to even find hmg and im also thinking about the healing stacks with mk677, mk2866, bpc and tb500!
Sounds like a good idea, I'm sure a ton of folks (me included) would love to have a trusted source for quality peptides.
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