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Everything you need to know for a smooth transaction is noted on the price list. There may an occasion where you need clarification on something and that's where the [email protected] should be utilized. If the issue needs Pharmalady's direct involvement, you'll be instructed on how to proceed. Please give her a reasonable amount of time to respond, if after that time has passed and you haven't received a response let us know at Pharmaladyquestions. Also when you contact us, don't start a new email use the reply or forward button so we can get a picture of the whole situation. This saves time by not having to asked questions that would've been known if you had continued the email chain. Lastly, thoroughly read the price list and asked all question prior to placing an order. No question is to small, we want you to be well informed when making your decision to support Pharmalady.

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Pharmalady has a reship policy, which is noted on the price list. Please read it before placing your order although it's self explanatory, if you have any question ask them prior to placing your order.
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