Pharma Lady Email Revamp


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Please familiarize yourself with the procedure when doing business with Pharmalady;

There are three emails associated with Pharmalady;

1) Price list email address [email protected], which is to be used only for requesting a price list.

2) Questions email address [email protected], which is to be used for all questions

3) Order email address [email protected], which is to be used only for placing order.

Some don't fully understand the concept of the questions email account, so I'll attempt to clarify a few things. The aforementioned email account is to to used for all question, that includes pre-order, order and post order. There are instances where people are sending question to the other two email accounts and are getting delayed response or none at all causing frustration. By not sending your questions to the proper email address, your causing your own frustration and have only yourself to blame. If you follow proper protocol, everything will go smoothly.

Thank you