Over the counter PCT

Fadogia Agrestis1000mg
Fenugreek PE (50% testofen)1000mg
3, 4 Divanillylteterahydrofuran500mg
Bulgarian Tribulus500mg
Vitamin E200mg
Guys. I'm gonna be really honest with you, I can't get my hands on these things: Clomid, nolva, hcgenerate... I'm overseas in Europe and last time I ordered some pharmaceuticals from overseas the customs seized it, and knocked at my door on a Monday morning at 6 am to confiscate both of my phones. There is still an investigation process that's open, but they don't have any proof and most certainly won't find any.

Whatever. If only I could get these things.

Because in my town juice is so common like my first shot almost happened by accident. Now I don't like saying this because this is blaming it on others when I'm a responsible grown up adult. BUT, it happened.
I've asked around and unfortunately the guys I know don't have chlomid or nolva... Sh** really sucks.

I just felt like being blunt and honest is a better step forward than pretending like it's all good.

I value your guy's opinion. But the truth I've been going to some gyms where guys been blasting and cruising for well over a decade... I know. It's a disaster.
Literally like "hey man, what do you think about?..." "Bro. Stop. You need test." Next thing I knew is I was on test. Just like that. I certainly exaggerate, I've asked for it... But, what I described isn't even so far from the truth.
Now I know a lot of guys who stayed natty when I didn't, but... Where I live it's a matter of time. The longer you're gonna spend in some of those gyms, and the more inevitable hopping on the sauce is gonna become.
The guys I know who've stayed natural just didn't go to the gym as much and as often...
24 - 26 is an age where you are most definitely not a kid or teenager anymore, not even such a "young adult", but it's still a young age at which one is very malleable and easy to influence, especially when you don't have much going for you...
If I ask some gym bro for Clomid, all he's gonna suggest me is another cycle. It's already on the way! I kid you not... I know... It's utterly stupid, and sad in a way. As I said I could pretend like it's fine "thanks guys will do", but now I'm on the radar if the customs too... It's just... Bad. Very bad.

I won't give up though. I'm sure there's one way or another I could get these things.
That sounds like fun dealing with customs lol
Oh it was terrible. They wrote stuff down I didn't even say. They flipped the question around such as a "I don't know" on my part resulted in "he didn't know if it was 100 bucks or more" or "he doesn't remember the website" or "he doesn't know which products" but basically they wrote down that I claimed I ordered it, which I never claimed! Anyways... I took a lawyer and he told me this could take a couple of years now
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