Osta-plex and post cycle - Guidance


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Hello Dylan,

I recently came across your video on YouTube and I am seeking your advise. I have gyno but I wanted to take osta plex (see attached). In the past, my first trainer gave me winstrol and clen in an effort to get me ready for a sports show. However at the end of the show i did not take a post cycle. Therefore I am uncertain if that caused me to develop gyno but I’m certain it wasn’t there prior to the substance.

Can you kindly advise if I should proceed with the osta-plex on a 8 weeks cycle (2 per day) and if I would need a post therapy. Your advise and guidance will be greatly appreciated. Ideally would like to gain a lean size hence the reason for my interest in this product. Is there any way of getting raid of gyno apart from surgery? Ps mine is very mild


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thats is absolutely not anything i can recommend you to take man... on top of that, you need to get bloodwork done as well...