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Hello everyone
I am 28 years old, male,working out since last 4 years,Ht.5.6..wt. 67 kg

Can I start only oral dianabol cycle along with some test capsules & test boosters..
Short answer, no.

You’ll end up wasting your time and money, not to mention the damage you’ll do to yourself. Oral only cycles crash your natural production of testosterone (which is VITAL for muscle growth). The minute you come off the Dbol you’ll lose the minimal amount of weight (water) you’ve gained and you’ll feel like shit. Ending up in a worse position then where you are now. Unless you run test along with the Dbol (plus a comprehensive PCT) then what you’re proposing is counter-productive.
I don't recommend oral only cycles for the reasons stated above. Dianabol also aromatizes like crazy, so you'll want to know more about how your body handles milder compounds first. I recommend testosterone only for your first cycle
can you? sure you can ... should you? fuck no, thats just about as idiotic of a cycle as you can do
what are test capsules?
There is a very long ester test that is sometimes prescribed for TRT, which may be what is being referenced. Other than that it may be a reference to 1-methyl test which is not at all test
I remember some of my old friends used dbol, so far they were not happy over long term results with them.
Yes they pump your body, but it destroys it internally.
my old friends were using test capsules for a long while, don't know why they love them though. I don't like danabol.
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