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Charles Poliquin was the man behind the 6-12-25 training approach's initial popularization. It's excellent for boosting hypertrophy, enhancing body composition, and enhancing strength and endurance.

The program is a terrific way to do a large amount of work in a short period of time because it uses tri-sets with no pause in between exercises. This procedure was traditionally used for the same body part, such as the chest, but it can also be tailored to particular movement patterns, such as the upper body push.

How It Works
The first exercise is typically the hardest and most taxing on the nervous system. After completing 6 reps, you'll rest for 10 seconds before beginning the following exercise. Examples of suitable A1 exercises are the front squat, bench press, and chin up.

The second exercise requires 12 repetitions at a moderate intensity that you can handle. After that, take a 10-second break before beginning the third exercise. Exercises like the DB Reverse Lunge, DB Bench Press, or DB Prone Row are examples of acceptable A2s.

Technically speaking, the third exercise ought to be the simplest. It will be really metabolically challenging because it is for 25 reps. Exercises like a Goblet Squat, Push Up, or Band Pull-Apart are examples of acceptable A3s.

You will then rest for 120–180 seconds in between each set. Depending on the session's objectives, the general rule is 3-5 sets. It is VERY DIFFICULT but VERY EFFECTIVE to carry out a session like this. Prior to modifying your program, try to follow this strategy for three to four weeks.

You can try the sample workouts listed below. Although we have divided things up into patterns for the sake of this example, you could perform a push/pull tri-set in one workout.

Upper Body Push 6-12-25
A1: Floor Press - Wide Grip 3 x 6 @ 21X0
A2: Seated DB Press - Neutral 3 x 12 @ 21X0
A3: Push Up 3 x 25 @ 1010

Upper Body Pull 6-12-25
B1: Chin Up - Neutral Grip 3 x 6 @ 20X0
B2: DB Prone Row 3 x 12 @ 21X0
B3: Band Pull Apart 3 x 25 @ 1010

Lower Body Anterior 6-12-25
A1: Front Squat 3 x 6 @ 20X0
A2: Reverse Lunge 3 x 12 @ 20X0
A3: Goblet Squat 3 x 25 @ 1010

Lower Body Posterior 6-12-25
B1: BB Hip Thrust 3 x 6 @ 20X0
B2: DB Romanian Deadlift 3 x 12 @ 20X0
B3: KB Swing 3 x 25 @ 1010
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