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Evan Centopani & NapsGear Q&A, Episode 41: Hormonal Fluctuations and Deca Dick and Answering these questions in AMA session.

Questions Answered:

1)This is bothering me.. I only will believe you guys so thanks in advance. I'm prescribed Cypionate L.m. injection which because of it's 8 day half life, my Test levels drop way down (from 500) to below what's normal. (150) on the morning of next injection. Imo, this doesn't make sense because I believe this e.o.w. bs contributes a lot to my mood swings and roller coaster libido. My mood swings may kill my relationship. Why do doctors insist on every other week injections if our levels of T fluctuate so much? I think they should allow responsible and well informed patients to do the injection ourselves on the opposite weeks. Even with every week injections I suspect I'll experience fluctuating T levels and therefore mood swings but no where near as much as consistently going from 500 (48 hrs after injection) to 150 (14 days after im. buttock injection). Dose: 100mg Cyp e.o.w. Age 41 205lbs 62% 13� in NE Ohio. In case helpful, all 3 of my TRT test results came back abnormally low or "out of range" after 1 yr of receiving treatment.

2)Evan, thank you for your time on this matter. I have been on TRT for about a year at 39 years old. Taking 150 a week and tried to get doc to bump me to 200 or more but he has been reluctant. I just bought multiples of 250 test from Naps and I want to start taking 250 every 4 days for about 12 weeks maybe less, I am doing this because I have always worked out but always looked chunky. I want to get the best physically fit and muscular before 1 turn 40. I guess my real question is, is this a good cycle and after my cycle is it safe just to drop back to 150 a week for a few months and do it again. I also want to get Beach ready before end of July.

3)My question is how does one speed up motility? & best way to remain in a surplus lot of muscle to gain whilst keeping tight?

4)Hi Evan, I have had plenty of experience running successful cycles for either bulking, cutting, or performance in the past. About a year ago I incorporated nandrolone decanoate into a cycle and experienced the dreaded "deca dick." My libido was still extremely strong I just physically could not perform. I have read many things saying, prolactin, progesterone, etc. is the problem and many others saying it's not. I want to incorporate deca again and my question is what do you suggest to do to combat this problem. Current cycle I am running is 600ma/week Testosterone Enanthate, 400mg/week Trenbolone Enanthate, 50mg/day Dianabol. I plan to add Deca week to this and Winstrol 50mg/day.

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