lgd winstrol

I wouldn't just add it in at this point. Save it and run a proper cycle with it. Another option for hardness would be to stick with SARMs and add S4 to the mix.
you should not add it at all... you should not be using an oral steroid without test and you dont want to just throw it in at this point
no, dont add it what so ever, stick with LGD for this cycle. plan it for a future cycle with test and other SARMS with proper research and ancillaries on hand before the cycle.

research research research
Honestly you would be better off running LGD with YK11 or S23.

As the guys have said just wait I wouldnt toss wintrol in at the end id rather see you run the LGD for 12 weeks then PCT.
Sometimes less is more, and more could just do more harm than good on the body. Marathon not a sprint, that's how I go about it anyway.
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