Lgd stack question


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Hey dylan, i watched your video on both s4 and rad (and more obviously) and what i got from that is that they are both great.
Im 22, im 180 lbs with 10% bf. I just completed a quick cut from 4 weeks, cutting down from 13 to 10%.
I want to bulk again and im wondering whether i should:
1-12 - 10mg lgd + 10mg rad
1-12 - 10mg lgd + 50mg s4
I have done a 10mg lgd + 50mg s4 + 20mg gw in the past, i got great results with this. Yet sarms work in a odd way in my body. In the first month i gained 12 lbs the 2nd month i gained 6 lbs and in the 3rd month i gained 0 lbs (i was, and still am, tracking my calories and i even increased my calorie intake from 4000 to 4500 a day, still no weight increase). After the cycle i continued a month without sarms before cutting, and thats where im now.
I might not do 12 weeks again if this will continue to happen, but im wondering why this happens. I love the anabolic effect in the 1st month though. In other cycles i got similar results where Sarm results just got less and less over time. This one was the most notable though.


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where did you get your sarms from? you should still be getting gains the whole way through but you should not be gaining so much so fast which makes me wonder if you even had real sarms to begin with... thats WAY too much to be gaining in the first month...