Huge Forum Update - Major Upgrade Coming


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Hey everyone... I have some pretty big news in terms of the forum moving forward and changes that are being made... ALL FOR THE GOOD AND BETTER OF THE FORUM

Many of you have noticed over the past year the sight being bogged down, huge amounts of spam, slower speeds and at times, less traffic due to this. While I am no tech, everything was explained to me in great detail and I can at least convey this to everyone and explain what is going on and what changes are to be made...

There was an extremely large investment made into the forum to get things corrected... Tapatalk has become a HUGE problem for every forum on the internet and many are moving away from that platform as are we. The experience will change drastically once we move onto our own mobile site platform as well.

Tapatalk was found to be stealing information from every forum it has on its platform. This has bogged the site down terribly and caused every site it has to have several different problems. We will be moving from tapatalk onto our own mobile site. NOW, the mobile site itself will work TREMENDOUSLY well on all fronts.

Our forum operates on VBulletin and has basically since it started. VBulletin itself has become more so obsolete and we have been transitioning to XenForo 2 which is the most up to date set up for sites like ours. This will be similar to the anabolex forum if you have been over there except ours is highly customized and has been worked on now for over 6 months for this transition. It has taken A LOT of time and money to do this but it will propel us forward. Site traffic will likely go up a minimum of 50% and the user experience will be DRASTICALLY better. These changes will start to occur this weekend and will take several days to complete.

This is a HUGE upgrade and the overall experience will be so much better for everyone!

Get ready as this is a huge step for the forum and its growth moving forward!