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express tren base vs androxine


Just figured I would post my opinion on express domestics tren base and alpha pharm tren suspension Androxine. Express domestic sent me a free pack I won in a raffle that had two bottles of tren base In it. This is by far the best pre workout product I have used. The pumps are amazing, energy goes through the roof, and pretty good strength increase. I love tren but hate the side effects that come along with it. So the tren base works great for me. In and out of the system quick so the sides don't last long. Then a buddy introduced me to alpha pharm Androxine tren suspension. Honestly as results go I feel like express domestics tren base is just as good as the alpha pharm, the only advantage to the Androxine is its real easy for site injections and there is pretty much no pip. Just figured I would share my experience with these products. And anyone who trays express domestics tren base products will not be disseminated.