Expiration date SR9009

No issue bro, just potency won’t be complete 100%, Id expect maybe a 10-15% potency loss.
Even better, because the caps are overdosed (20mg each)...
This is really unfortunate by the way, how am I supposed to dose it 4x a day if 40mg is a high dose and 1 cap is 20mg...
I think I might break them in half to spread the dosing throughout the day
Otherwise I would have to take one at 8am and one around 1pm... Maybe this way I will be tired in the evening and fall asleep fine
Brawn Nutrition.
Yeah that's so weird to think about
as ive said recently, im not about throwing negatives or stones at other companies, just understand they run a fake PAID FOR review aspect of things and just are not what i would deem as trustworthy and that type of dosing screams to run away... but use at your own risk
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