EUP/Peak Performance high quality gear. USA DOMESTIC!


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Hit me up in PM if you are looking for high quality top notch gear. Everything is shipped domestic and we have a wide selection of AAS, HGH, and ancillaries to meet your needs. Both 10ml and 20ml vials available!
I'm pretty excited to run it. I'll also be switching over to axio/PP for my TRT as well
Bump! If you're looking for high quality DOMESTIC gear, look no further. We have a wide selection and many options to choose from
This gear is some of the smoothest I've used.

High quality gear and DOMESTIC

You cant beat it. Hit me up for a list!
Bumping this for all to see. Let me help you set up your cycle with Axio/PP high quality domestic gear
Axio/Peak performance has a very large selection to choose from with many options.

PM me to see their extensive price list
Axio is rebranding to the name EUP. Might as well get everyone on board so there's no confusion.
For the full updated price list with the new source added, send me a PM and I'll get you hooked up
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