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Bulking season is upon us, and it's time to make those big fall and winter gains!

EUP/Peak performance has all of your needs covered with high quality DOMESTIC gear.

We have a wide selection of orals, oils, HGH, and ancillaries to build some serious muscle this bulking season.

Let me help you build your stack and cycle. Hit me up in PM or Wickr for cycle advice, design, and our extensive price list!!

Wickr- Tazzog (Head Representative)

Wickr-Rickrock13 (Official Reprentative)

Wickr- Buddhabuilder (Official Representative)
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My big winter blast starts next month. On the agenda is Test, deca, and eq and I'll be running EUP HGH with it as well. I'm really looking forward to this run. Itll be my first time with HGH, and I'm ready to get that gain train rolling!

Anybody interested in seeing what this awesome gear is about, hit me up in PM and I'll get you hooked up with the newest EUP/Peak performance price list
The time to grow is now! At EUP/Peak performance we have everything you need to make that a reality!

Send me a PM for a list!
Bumping this for anyone looking for great high quality domestic gear.

We also have a 3rd source option that's been added to the already extensive peak performance and EU gear list we have.

Hot me up in PM for a price list
Bumping this for those looking for high quality domestic gear.

PM me for a price list
Time to get big and get those gains!! This gear is as good as it gets. Post up for cycle advice and let me help you get set up!
My winter bulk has started. EU HGH started now, and test, deca, eq starts soon!

Hit me up for a price list and get some peak performance/EU/axiom gear to get that gain train rolling!!
Who needs to stock up on this awesome gear for their winter bulk? Send me a PM and I'll get you a list
We have a new name! Same great products!

*US Domestic*

Team members are:

Iwannagofaster - Rep

cbbram - Rep

RickRock - Rep

US Domestic REP - Rep

Big Lexi - Sponsored Athlete

We have 2 different sources to offer.

Source #1

-Pinnacle Performance (Formerly Peak)

Ships from the Midwest

Source #2


-EUP (Formerly Axio)

Ships from the West Coast

Anyone that has dealt with us before knows we'll do what we can to make sure everything goes smoothly and safely.

US Domestic is a domestic one stop shop.









No shipping costs

No WU, MG fees

No customs issues

Shipped domestically

PM a team member for a price list and ordering info...
How is the winter bulks going? If you need good, high quality domestic gear look no further. Send me a PM and I'll get you hooked up!
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