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I’ve been sending PMs for a reliable domestic source. I’ve received some good information, but I have a question. Does anyone know of a good domestic source that has payment options other than bitcoin or cash in mail? Any help would be appreciated. I’m going to keep sending PMs in hope of finding one.
That's pretty much the standard bro. This is not a legal business and you can't really expect any other options except for WU but that's pretty much outdated. 90% of our transactions with the source I rep for are CIM. It doesn't get much easier than sending money with a tracking number. Start off with a small order and build trust. If you need help with a Bitcoin order I can help you. I've help a few people and it's really easy once you figure it out. Most people are intimated because they have no clue how it works.
bitcoins is the way to go

you simply link it to your bank account and you can move money in or out. you change your currency to bitcoins then use that currency to pay for things.. you can download the app for coinbase or whoever you use and do it all from your smart phone. way less hassle than using MG or WU who are complete assholes and their employees are miserable and nasty and could not care less about you

when you are ready to order hit one of us up for a list and see what we have to offer, we have just about anything you could ask for
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