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BroHammer TV's 20 week Brotamorphosis!


What good brothers? I don't post much like I've done in the past but I haven't went anywhere. Just wanted to let the real bros know that I reached another breaking point in the my fitness/swoleness journey and recently started a 20 week transformation series that I'm documenting on my YouTube channel. So far I'm in week 6, day 39....not a single cheat meal. My goal is to get into the best shape of my life in these 20 weeks. I've allowed myself to gain a lot of weight back by not being on point with my diet. In this past 6 weeks I've never seen my body change from week to week the way it has and it's all due to the clean eating which was always a struggle for me. Dylan, 44 and some of the other veteran bros have really inspired me with their knowledge and dedication to this. Anyway, if you guys would like to follow my transformation check it out on BroHammer TV. Everyone's encouragement and suggestions are and would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.