breakfast pancakes


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Grind up in a coffe grinder 1/2c oatmeal, and dump into a bowl. Add 1 scoop whey, 1T flax powder, some chopped pecans,pinch salt. Add 2T water and mix. It will be very thick. Then add liquid eggwhite until a thick mixture just barely thins out and will pour. Then crack one fresh egg into it and stir well. Dump into a non stick pan and brown on both sides.When it is ready to flip it will lift easily.
Top that with sugar free pancake syrup, but I prefer some maple syrup and molassess combo. Does not take much of these syrups to give great flavor. My wife tops with mct/coconut oil, or sometimes seasame tahini.
Sometimes I cook one and roll it up and bag it for the road.
This looks very similar to my protein pancake recipe. They are very good, and a staple for me every weekend. Thanks for sharing!
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