tren first cycle

  1. Mark Diesel

    200 tren e 300 test cyp for first tren cycle

    Is 200mg tren e, 300 test cyp a good start for tren? I know 300/300 is recommended by Dylan, but i wanted to start with 200. I'm almost 26, 5 small cycles deep, 6'2 220lbs 10% bf. First 4 cycles were a waste, all oral and kept nothing. 2 of which I did not PCT properly either. This was due to...
  2. A

    FIRST CYLCLE EVER - i got tren only to use

    stats age:22 height:175cm weight: 74.5 kgs bodyfat: around 12-13% Been lifting since 5 years now. so i just got tren from my uncle who is a doctor (so the tren is legit), he gave me six 10ml bottles to run a 8 week cycle of only tren, 1ml a day for all days im training which is 6 days a...
  3. D

    Best pre contest shred cycle?

    Hi everyone, Stats are : height 5'10" ; weight 215lbs Being working out for 7 years. Age 26 This cycle is my 4th cycle(1-14) and this is a pre contest cycle. And i am planning to use: Test P @ 100mg EOD 1-14 week Tren A @ 50mg EOD 1-12 week (Caber 0.25 EOD) Winstrol @ 50mg ED 8-14 week...
  4. S

    Tren Ace, test E, dbol, winstrol, Proviron.

    My goal: to get as lean and as cut as possible while loosing body fat and not wasting muscle mass. Need to get my body ready for December. Age 23 Height 1.77m Weight 85kg Body fat 14% Years of training 8 Cycles, dbol, winstrol amd tbol oral only cycles for 5 weeks all compounds not on same...
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