1. J

    Cycle suggestion.

    I'm looking for suggestions on a stack sarms or steroids that can help with more explosive power/speed for athletic performance. I play flag football competitively and travel to multiple tournaments a year around the country. I should be ok gaining 3-7 pounds of muscle and still have good...
  2. FinestQueers

    Finestgears -Testosterone-Based Steroids: How Do They Function?

    What is testosterone? The primary hormone in men has more than one job in the body. It not only helps men develop their sexual traits, but it also affects their overall health. For example, it can help prevent or treat osteoporosis and inflammation. Around the time a boy hits puberty, his body...
  3. L

    Steroid homebrew??

    Just wondered anyone had the experience of steroid homebrew and what's your opinion about this?
  4. F

    First Cycle/Before my first pin..

    I have made an adult decision to do my first cycle and would like feedback before my first pin. I already have everything for my cycle, however, I would like to make sure my ducks are in order before I proceed. Positive and negative feedback is welcomed. 5'11/195/24yo/12%bf - looking to add...
  5. P

    Test + EQ Cycle

    Hello All, Id like to start by saying that yes, this is my first time cycle. I know that it is not recommended to have a first cycle like this but I have already made up my mind and know I have the discipline to complete this cycle well with a little help from you guys. My diet and training...
  6. M

    Pct help vision problem and restlessness at night

    i just started taking clomid and nolva after my 13 weeks testc cycle that was 500mg per week and last 4 weeks i used winstrol 30mg pct dosage of clomid is 100mg now for 4 days and nolva 20mg....should I lower the dosage or?
  7. M

    Arimidex and pct

    Hello guys i have just few more weeks of my cycle left and then 2 weeks after I will start my PCT...i am using arimidex as an AI and love it works great,so my question is how long before pct should i stop using AI?
  8. W

    Questions about HGH

    Hey Fellas, I'm new to this site, so please bare with me if I come off as a noob. I found this forum off a YouTube video I was watching about HGH. I'm familiar with the gym; I play sports and weight lift, but I'm no body builder. Recently I've been interested in kicking up my athletic...
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