1. N

    Regeneration Peptides and Sources

    Hey all. I was watching Dylan's video on BP-157 and want to try the stack he recommended (BPC-157, TB-500, MK-2866, MK-677). Looks like SARMSX is the way to go for the SARMS, but they don't sell the peptides. Could anyone recommend some sources that can supply the peptides and maintain the...
  2. drlizard

    I need SARMS!!! And accurate info about shipping to India!!!

    I just have finished my first year of gym. Lost about 14 kgs of fat naturally at Gold Gym without any trainers or coaches and I'm looking to use SARMS now. Here's my stats- Age- 34 Sex- Male Experience- 1 year 3 months of bodybuilding Weight- 93 kgs Height- 6 feet Body type- Endo Broad...
  3. C

    Delivery issues

    Hey guys, I placed an order with sarmsx on the 3rd of november, and it still hasnt arrived. The latest update i recieved from track and trace was the 14th of november and it said the package has arrived to my country (denmark) and is on its way - however since this is so long ago, i started to...
  4. J

    Pharma Lady Shipping

    Don't think you'll find a faster international source. Order was shipped within a day of payment, made it through customs in an hour, and was at my door in a total of four days. Couldn't be happier with her service.