1. SARMsAssassin

    Planning a 6-Week S23 (Ultrabolic) Cycle

    Hey everyone! I've had fantastic experiences with three previous SARMs cycles, thanks to absolutely DIALED-IN advice from Dylan and the community—particularly my most recent 12-week summer cycle of RAD-140, ACP-105, & S4, which went perfectly. THANK YOU GUYS! Now, I'm gearing up for a short...
  2. A

    Newbie here w/ questions about SARMS

    hey guys, 46 years old, have messed around with gear my whole life. 5'10, 156lbs, 10% BF currently on TRT, 150mg/week, HCG, IGF-1 & Ipamorelin/CJC combo. All of this is through an. HRT clinic and get routing blood work done. I wanna try S23 along with the above. I made the mistake of buying...
  3. D

    S23 and pregnancy? Helpful answers please

    Hey everyone, First time posting to a message board! Ive used Sarms on and off for a year typically a stack of mk2866/gw501516 or s23 by itself. I always use a pct and never use longer than 8 weeks in a cycle. My wife recently took a pregnancy test and she’s pregnant! I’m excited but nervous...
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