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    LGD4033 stack for lean bulk???

    Is this a good stack LGD with s4 and Gw for a lean bulk? Lgd 5-10mg daily morning S4 25mg 2x daily split dose Gw 20mg daily 30min before workout All ran for 12weeks I'm trying to built a stack for a lean bulk.. and currently have 2 bottles LGD4033 30ml/10mg. So I want to use the LGD but stack...
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    Sarms Stack

    I am 22 years old, standing at 6 foot tall and 200 pounds with 20% body fat, I have about 40 pounds of fat on me. Last summer I was on strict routine of gym and healthy eating. I started cutting at 195 pounds with 19% body fat and 42% muscle and I stacked SR-9009, Yk11, and Ostarine for a 3...
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    new guy introduction any advise appreciated

    hey new to the forum just seen the post about introducing yourself and the rules so hes a little about me and my goals and what I want to gain from being here. After more research and following dylan online iv chosen to step back from steroids for a few more years and let my body develop but I...
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    Need to resolve my low libido problems.

    Hi Dylan/Rickrock, I am a bodybuilder. For achieving the National leve title. I have been doing exercise since 1999 achieved many titles but only ROID used year 2014 and 2015 for getting the first place in national contest. Before steroid cycle I do not have any low libido problems. 2014...