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    First cycle - Tri Test

    Would running tri test (Test dec -200mg, Test c-100mg, and Test e-100mg) at 400mg/week for 12 weeks be good for a first cycle? 26 YO with 6+ years of training. 6ft, 170, 12%bf. Want to increase my strength as much as possible with putting on as little weight as possible. Would like to stay...
  2. N

    Mk 677 pill storage

    Hey guys quiick question. I left mk mk677 pils in my car by mistake with temps at minus 22 degrees celcius. Still good to use?
  3. T

    Opinion on package

    Hi Guys, I'm new here, and I'm looking very much forward to hanging out with you guys :-) If you want to know more about me please read more below. I'm looking into getting serious about trying samrs and I'm trying to find the right products, can you tell me what combination of sarms you would...
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    Aromatase Inhibitor Question

    Hello everyone. I need to understand this correctly: Should i run an Aromatase Inhibitor DURING my 12 weeks Test E cycle, or should i only do that if i'm having high estrogen levels during the cycle?