post cycle therapy

  1. L

    Testosterone Propionate Cycle & PCT

    For starters, some information, I am 19, 5’7, 130+ lbs. skinny af. Been doing a lot of research on test prop as that is what I have chosen to go with compared to other esters. Was planning to do 100 mg every other day. But I do need to get blood work done first of course. I was wondering if I...
  2. B

    First cycle

    I am planning on having my first cycle on Ostarine.. I thought about either doing 10mg for 8 weeks or 20mg for 4 weeks. Will I be needing a pct for these dosages? Thanks
  3. J

    Test + Equipoise 18 Weeks, Need PCT & Next Cycle Advice Please

    Hey, First I just want to say thanks for this Forum and for all of the iSARMS videos. You guys are life savers. I know there is a ton of information out there and I have loads of the threads related to PCT, but I just wanted to reach out and get that human advice based on my own personal...
  4. E

    Proper Post Cycle Dosage

    So I'm getting ready to start my first cycle; I'll be taking 400mg of Test Sustanin per week for 12 weeks. I'm wondering what the proper dosage (mgs/day) of my post cycle meds should be. Looking at running HCG towards the end of my cycle (2 weeks while still injecting and 2 weeks while not)...
  5. AsapSlim

    Pct for low dose test cycle

    Could i do a traditional nolva/clom pct for a low dose 250-300mg a week test e cycle?