1. JohnnyBukkake69

    Possible 3rd Cycle...

    Hello Everyone! Probably should have posted on here for my first cycle but better late than never! I am looking at shredding down. Currently 170lbs and 20% Bodyfat. I am a fitness coach of 5 years and pursuing my master's in Strength and Conditioning so I feel like I have the "basics" down as...
  2. J

    Eating after SARMs-cycle (Post cycle nutrition)

    Hey guys, thanks in Advance for any inputs :) Soon I'll reach the end of my first SARMs cycle and I have some questions on how to continue afterwards. As I hardly found any articles let alone studies, I'd be happy to hear your experiences. I'm doing a recomp cycle (LGD-4033, Ostarine...
  3. m555zma MACRO calculator

    How much do you guys trust the macro calculator?
  4. M

    4th Cycle planning : Training, Diet and Supps: Please comment and advise

    Hi All, Apologies for the long post but I have in the past been asked to add more detail so here it goes: I would like to start a discussion to get some feedback and thoughts about a recomp cycle which I am planning. I specifically would like help with regards to diet in respect to deciding...
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