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  1. RUCingdsgainz

    Low test Level should I blast an cruise my cycles?

    Age 27 Weight 195 Height 5 11" Lifting for 10 years now I went to a TRT doctor and got myself testsed and my test level was in the 420s the doc said I would benifet from TRT. If I ran a cycle of more then just a TRT dose of Test should I still run a TRT dose of Test in between cycles? Wouldn't...
  2. T

    Sustenon 250 dosage and long-term usage

    I live in Honduras and don't have access to typical pharmacies or doctors, like in North America. I appreciate and serious responses. I am 51, was diagnosed with low testosterone and have been self-medicating ( no doctor supervision ) with one shot of Sustenon 250 every 3-4 weeks. I have been...
  3. J

    Dylan! Got a bro who needs some serious PCT. need help buddy!

    Dylan, as always, thank you for your time and help! I was talking with a guy last night that is on his first go around with aas. He started with 500mg test e/wk and 40mg dbol/day. He did this for 5 weeks. Then he stayed on the test at 500/wk for the next 12 weeks. Then.....he went up to 625 test...
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