1. E

    Dynamic Performance - Ostarine Cycle Questions

    Hi, I just got Ostarine from Peakbody co uk and i know there is a lot of positive feedback on their site in general when u check it up. Tho im curious if anyone have tried their sarms (specifically Ostarine) and know if its legit or not? manufacturer is "Dynamic Performance" Im just going to...
  2. T


    New to this site but could give me some good sites for legit steroids that are not scammers?
  3. O

    EBAY Ostarine - Hardcore Formulations - Legit?

    I got this SARM from eBay and I'm wondering of anybody else has heard of this brand or tried this SARM from them. Or any other SARMS from this source. Thanks.
  4. AsapSlim

    Underdosed or bunk or normal?

    Hey I have some s4 andarine from sarmsx, this is my second order by the way. I remember each bottle having some particles (compound) floating around in it but this batch I just received today my s4 has very little particles floating in it and I'm not very confident in its potency. Does anyone...