1. C

    Injection sites for insulin needles

    Hey bro?s So just finished up a show, rebound hit hard went from 5-6% bf to about 15% now, I got used to using skinny half inch insulin needles to inject all my gear with (not just hgh but test and masteron ect.) I got away with that since my bf was low enough for the needle to penetrate...
  2. J

    Type 2 diabetic product

    This question is pretty much for Dylan lol My dad is a type 2 diabetic. he's gotten blood work done and his test levels are pretty low. hes 49 yrs old and his test level was at 360. of course the Dr. told him it was perfect. but even he knows that its pretty low. He's not on board with taking...
  3. Blue_Shine

    BULLSHIT TIME OVER. The devil behind insulin, carbs and keto diet.

    Hey all, sorry I haven't been posting recently, been a busy boy :) This piece was inspired by a new research published just this past month, that reminded me of a discussion Dylan and I had. In similar fashion to most of my articles here, it is written with the advanced athlete/bodybuilder in...
  4. J


    After researching for the last 6 months, I've decided to throw insulin into the mix. Can't afford GH at the levels I need to break through the next barrier, so I've decided to give the slin a run. I understand that dangers, but I've done my research and I'll be taking all the precautionary...