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  1. V

    Natural Athlete looking out for a SARM cycle, need HELP!

    Hi, I have been training for the past 7-8 years and i always preferred to stay natural because of the side effects of the steroids(no offense towards the people who use them, i admire most of them at the same time). Do i face any problems importing the products from SARMSX to India, by the...
  2. drlizard

    I need SARMS!!! And accurate info about shipping to India!!!

    I just have finished my first year of gym. Lost about 14 kgs of fat naturally at Gold Gym without any trainers or coaches and I'm looking to use SARMS now. Here's my stats- Age- 34 Sex- Male Experience- 1 year 3 months of bodybuilding Weight- 93 kgs Height- 6 feet Body type- Endo Broad...