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    Are SARMs good for healing shoulder impingement problems?

    Hey guys, I just wanted to ask if you think SARMs are good for healing shoulder impingement? I have constant problems with my shoulders (impingement subacromiale) and despite doing corrective exercises religiously, nothing seems to help. Do you think a combo of NUTROBAL, ANABOLICUM and OSTARINE...
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    Rapid Healing - How To Heal Your Injuries FASTER

    Hey guys, it's Mozart. I have a pretty detailed question and I hope this will create a nice discussion about injuries, healing, etc... I have been suffering from 2 extremely annoying injuries for a couple months now - shoulder impingement (impingement subacromiale) + patellar tendon...
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    TRT & Sarms Stack advice

    Love your videos on youtube Dill. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. Which sarms should I stack with my test cyp 200mg a week? Im looking to lean out and also heal up a recent shoulder injury. I have 4 bottles of gw501516 from you already. Chat soon WC
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    12 Week Healing Stack

    Hello Guys, I'm recovering from a wrist injury 3 weeks ago. I broke my wrist & had surgery on it. I purchased the 12 week healing/recovery stack & started it this past Tuesday. I have spoke to Dylan about the stack. He gave me the break down for the stack. I just want to know if I'm taking the...