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    Test EQ Recomp Cycle

    Hi Guys, I am starting a new recomp cycle after New Years. I have all the compounds, PCT, and AI on hand. Stats: 23 years old 192 pounds Body fat: 13% 6'1 I want to get get down to 8% or so body fat. Gain a lean 10-15 pounds of muscle. I play soccer so I must be lean. Semi pro season starts...
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    Sustain 250 and EQ cycle

    hey guys, one week ago I started my first cycle. 1 cc of just and .5 cc of EQ twice a week. So far so good I feel good but i am extremely sore from my workouts. Besides my energy level everything is about the same. I'd love to hear some feedback on this stack and what to expect from it from...
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    First injection... beginner

    So I injected 1 cc of sustain 250 and .5 of EQ into my belt to start my first cycle, now my shoulder is swollen and pretty tender... It's been 4 days now. It's not like I need to go to the hospital but any beginner advice would be appreciated... where to go from here? I need to be able to train...
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    Cycle question

    I'm thinking about running EQ, test cyp and tren. I though about doing it this way: EQ: 200mg week 1-15 test cyp: 200mg week 6-15 tren enanthate: 200mg week 6-15 whats your opinion about this? should I use other esters in test or tren? should I delay...