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    Please help need stack for endurance, strength, and agression

    Hello, i am new to the forum so i will try to be within all of the rules. I'm looking to create a stack with the primary goal being endurance, and secondary goals of strength, and aggression. I have done some cycles in the past, but it has been some time. I'm 6'1, 215 and have began dropping...
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    Best combo (Sarm, Steroid etc) for first time cycle. Endurance athlete

    Hey Guys and Gyals... After poking around the forum, sites and youtube videos for a while. Finally got myself in the forum. Don't want anyone to smash their head or start cursing the skies because of this new beginner (Me!! Hehe). I got this really good rat I wanna help. Endurance athlete...
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    I would like to start taking GW-501516

    -Sex: Male -Age:24 -Height:5.74 -Weight: 172 pounds -Body fat: 10% - 13% -Years of training: Did some martial arts and weightlifting, but not constantly, i don't train since 2 years ago. -Complete cycle history: none. -Goals: MMA - Cardio -Supplements:5-htp, vit-c, multivitamin, supervitamin b...
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    Basic Endurance Athlete Stack

    I am a middle age competitive cyclist, training about 10-15 hours a week, and I started using the following stack Cardarine 20mg split dose 5:30AM/5PM (capsule) Ostarine 12.5mg 5:30AM (liquid) Nutrobol 12.5mg 5:30AM (liquid) I have been trying this for about a three weeks, and I think I am...
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    New Stack Purchase - 1st Time SARMS User Questions :)

    Hey guys great to be here this is my 1st post in this amazing forum and I would just like to 1st of all say thanks to Dylan, Rickrock, Rockmfhudd and all the other contributors to this excellent forum I have been studying threads for the last week and have just finished reading all 94 pages of...
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