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    First cycle and pct

    hi! i'm 26/M training for the past 6-7 years.i recently decided to run my first cycle after a lot of stats- 5'10", 65kg, 9% body fat. i am currently in a cutting phase and wanted to run a testosterone only cycle(300mg) as my first cycle for bulking. i had a few questions that i would...
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    Need to resolve my low libido problems.

    Hi Dylan/Rickrock, I am a bodybuilder. For achieving the National leve title. I have been doing exercise since 1999 achieved many titles but only ROID used year 2014 and 2015 for getting the first place in national contest. Before steroid cycle I do not have any low libido problems. 2014...
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    Sustanon, Deca and Dbol for my 2nd cycle?

    Im planning on a sus, deca and dbol cycle for 12-14week powerlifting prep. My first cycle was sus and dbol 12wk ended august 2016, 500mg sus wk1-12 10mg daily wk8 dbol 20mg daily wk9-10 dbol 30mg daily wk11-12 dbol Gained alot in strength and bodyweight was 164kg but weighted 167kg week before...