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    Testerone therapy

    On therapy 200mg every 2weeks. Would it be better to split dose.
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    Second cycle

    My weight is 88kg, my high is 1.82 cm, my first cycle was a testosterone prop 200mg/week, i gained 8kg in my first cycle, i have been training for 2 years, my goal is to get much muscle as i can but safely, i run pct correctly, now im going to run a test pro + TBal (40mg per week), is it a...
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    Second cycle

    Hi Mr Dylan, im thankful because of your advices and tips on stéroïdes using, i want to know what is the best option for a second stéroïdes cycle, because your vidoes on this topic has been deleted.
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    Hey Dylan A buddy told me Sarms may show up positive on Urine test. I'm currently taking MK, S4, an about to start LGD as well. I done a little research, an heard it would not show positive on Urine test
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    Can SR 9009 And LGD 4033 be stacked together?
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    Congratulations on the new products Dylan!

    Quick little message to you Dylan! :) I think I'm speaking for everyone on the forum when I say you deserve everything coming your way my man! Now questions come up like, "If my pct is 8 weeks, do I take your Post CT for those full 8 weeks or do you start taking it just before PCT?" Without a...
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    Nolvadex during cycle

    Can I take Nolvadex during a cycle if so how much or is it better to take aromasin ?
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    Who To Trust

    So clearly Dylan Gemeli(isarms) And Tony Huge (EnhancedAthlete) are the two biggest people on youtube talking about sarms constantly. Here are my impressions of the both of them: - Dylan, seems like a really nice guy, personaly takes he's time and awnsers every single person on this forum, has...
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    1st SARMS stack

    So I have received my stack that I will try for the 1st time. I'm using Ostabolic & Cardarine. It's my 1st SARMS but back in college I used Steroids on a regular and was up to date with all info, no longer the case. Training is different now as well. No longer bodybuilding but training for...
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    New to the website

    Hey guys I need some advice. I am sure this question has been asked many times but I cannot find the Q&A. I was on a cycle of dbol and deca several times this worked very well for me but I no longer want to be on the juice. What do you guys recommend for bulking. I don't compete and I don't want...
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    Dylan: Does this dosing schedule look right for the Triple Stack? 1-8 osta 25 mg day dosed once a day @ 10am (1/2 ml 1 time per day) 1-8 s4 50 mg day… split doses… 25mg (1/2 ml) at 8am and 25mg (1/2ml) at 8pm (post workout) 1-8 gw 10-20 mg day… split doses 12 hours apart 6am (1/2 ml)- 6pm...
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    Whats up guys I would like to know what can I take for pct after the cicle that I'm about to finish, I ran trembolone 200, 400 ml weekly Test propionate100, 400 ml weekly BoldenOne 200, 400 ml weekly OXANDROLONE 10 ml, 60 ml every day For 6 weeks Exemastane 25 ml everyday
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