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    Primo Dosage

    Hey, quick question about my next cycle. I have done a Sust, DBOL cycle before, looking to do another (different). I have Test-E and primobolan. I am planning on doing 500/week of the test. My question is, I was able to get 3 vials of 12ml of 150 Primo, would I be better off doing the...
  2. S

    Organ ST question

    Dylan, how close does Organ ST come to matching the clinical effective dosages for the varies ingredients? I'm trying to decide if I should also take some Tudca + NAC on top of the Organ ST becuase of the high recommended dosages. It has the overall mg, but not individual ingredient doses listed.
  3. T

    Dylan, what about B12 injections?

    Hey Dylan, My girlfriend needs B12 injections, she was now told to do 1mg injections (in 2ml of fluid) of B12 once every 5 days... This is clearly NOT enough. (I do the injections on her) She has been very, very ill a year ago, and her system still has not recovered from it. My question is: I...
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    TUDCA dosing while on oral steroids?

    Short TUDCA question, since I could not find a fully fitting answer. When running orals as a kickstart or finisher, we know to NOT take TUDCA at the same moment of taking an oral dosage. But when do we take the TUDCA then? 500mg all at once in the evening for example, or do we take 250mg for...
  5. G

    MK677 15mg vs 25mg

    Yo, Was gonna use MK677 at 25mg per day for 8 months until I read about the lethargy. To avoid this, I was thinking about lowering the dose and increasing the length of time running it. What do you guys think about running 20mg or 15mg per day for 12 or 16 months respectively? Can I still...
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    Not getting vision sides from this normal?

    Hey guys, So I recently bumped up my S4 from SARMSX up to 75-80mg, about 3 days ago, after running 50mg for 14 days. I know it was quite a leap, but I had no sides from 50mg so I thought i'd give it a go. it's a bit early to judge the other effects it's had on me, but I think I can say that my...
  7. K

    Upping S4 Dose...

    So ive lasted 2 weeks on SARMSX s4 25mg x 2 With only the slightest yellow tint.. is it safe for me to try 25mg x 3 (75mg) now? is S4 the only SARM you can increase beyond the recommended starting dose? Why does it only work with S4? Lastly why is it that you can up the s4 dose but not simply...
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