1. RUCingdsgainz

    Doctor prescribing Deca, HGH, testerone and MK677?

    Just found a health and wellness center that can prescribe things other then testosterone. I go to a health and wellness doctor who give me test but I did not know I could possibly get anything else. Does anyone have a doctor who has offered anything else? I did not know MK677 was even allowed...
  2. Romes20

    Cycling or Blast/Cruise cross roads- When to switch?

    A bit of background as I don't post too often here. I am 32 years old, 192lbs, 11-12%bf, 6'. Diet is 90% clean and I push it in the gym 5-6 days a week. I have been training for about 6 years now and I feel like I am always battling to strike a balance between gym warrior and an office...
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