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    Type 1 Diabetes and Sarms

    Hello I'm a new member. I found this forum because I was interested in taking SARMS for my bulking phase. I'm a type 1 diabetic and I get blood work done every 4 months. My A1C is at a healthy level and I have no issues related to my diabetes, I lift weights 4 days a week and do MMA training 2...
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    Type II diabetic - looking for clean MK-2866 source.

    Hello all. I'm 46 and a Type II diabetic. I'm 6", 190lbs and an athletic build so I was just as surprised as my doc when I was diagnosed about 9 years ago. The biggest obstacles for me to overcome have been brain fog, low energy and chronic joint pain. Discovering nootropics has been a...
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    Type 2 Diabetes SARMS that will help?

    Stats 5'11" 230lbs 32 YO 25% BF (guessing) Type 2 diabetic taking 2g of metformin/day High cholesterol High blood pressure NAFLD Keto diet combined with IF 16/8( dropped one medication completely on keto it has helped HBA1C immensely 11% down to 6.2%) 2yrs steady weight training 4yrs triathlon...
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