Type II diabetic - looking for clean MK-2866 source.


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Hello all. I'm 46 and a Type II diabetic. I'm 6", 190lbs and an athletic build so I was just as surprised as my doc when I was diagnosed about 9 years ago. The biggest obstacles for me to overcome have been brain fog, low energy and chronic joint pain. Discovering nootropics has been a life-saver from the brain fog, but I'm still struggling to beat the joint pain. Most of the time, most joints hurt. I've had all the tests done that docs could think of, and nobody can give me an answer. They can't find anything wrong with my joints, no auto-immune problem they can identify etc. And often they hurt bad enough and long enough to interfere with my sleep and push me toward depression. My shoulders and hips being the worst.

The one thing that I stumbled across that gave me relief was doing a 6 week cycle of MK-2866 and GW-501516. It was amazing. All of my pain want away. For months. I'd like to try it again, but the liquid MK-2866 I tried is no longer available from the company where I first bought it. And to be honest, given my compromised metabolic state I'm quite weary of buying blind from just anywhere. By coming here I'm hoping I can either get some referrals of where to go and/or also hear from anyone who is either a Type II diabetic or has overcome chronic joint pain. I would love to hear from you to learn more about what worked for you.

I switched to the keto diet to control diabetes about a year ago and lowered my hba1c from 10.5% down to 6.2% and cut my meds in half. Along with that diet change I noticed my joints felt way better and doing the 16/8 intermittent fasting protocol eliminated brain fog. I dont think MK2688 will make any difference to your blood sugar levels. I take gw-501516 20mg/day to help my cardio sessions and also take exogenous ketones prior to a fasted workout to help with endurance and focus.

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