1. AsapSlim

    Do you prefer to cut or bulk?

    Im fairly knew to this and ive done an extreme bulk and ive done a extreme cut! But im wondering, which did i enjoy more or which one was my favorite? Im currently cutting and i do miss eating steaks, asparagus, beef, potatoes, over and over non-stop, as much as i wanted. I enjoy seeing my lats...
  2. AsapSlim

    Irrital bowel sydrome and sarms

    Now I know asking for medical advice online is like getting a haircut over the phone but maybe you guys can help, my ole lady wants to get back in the gym. She's not overweight, shes actually underweight and she wants to bulk up. I know with the proper diet and strength training this can be...
  3. R

    New cycle

    Hey hope your doing good. Was wanting you to give me some feedback on this cycle. I have been looking for a cycle to bulk up and then go unto prep for my next physique show. Here is the one i found. 1-10 Test E 500mg/wk 1-10 Deca 250mg/wk 1-4 Dbol 30mg/day 11-20 Test P 100mg/EOD 11-18 Tren A...
  4. AsapSlim

    First aas cycle advise

    My goal is to put on some serious lean mass like 20 pds or so 33 5'9 185pds 14%bf (will be lower by the time I use) 5 years training (roughly) October I plan to do my first aas cycle, I originally planned on 300mg of test e or c a week for 12 weeks but I hear you can add some dbol from weeks...
  5. B

    Sarm Bulking cycle

    Hello Dylan and my fellow gym brothers. I finally decided to go on a cycle after researching a lot about sarms and watching dylan's videos about each and every sarm i'm going to write about. I decided to use sarms to see how much size i could put more ontop of my body right now and by the looks...