1. B

    Seeking SARM Bridge cycle post Contest

    Looking for a recommended SARM cycle to implement during my AAS PCT post competition. I am 13 weeks into a 20 week prep. I have lost 20lbs of fat and gained 10lbs of muscle with minimal side effects. I will be reverse dieting into a caloric surplus to add more lean mass this off season. I want...
  2. Mark Diesel

    PROVIRON ... once or twice a day TRT (bridge?)

    LOVE Pharmacom, looking into Proviron for bridge, or maybe whole time on trt between cycles. Powerlifter, so I'm just trying to feel good in the gym while on 200mg cruise. Pharmacom comes in 50mg tabs, once a day ok? Or bump it to 100mg with twice a day administration? Currently on week 3 --->...
  3. MOOSE5


    Was wondering if anyone had any feedback on when the best time to run a bridge would be after 12 week cycle of Deca, Test and EQ. I know time on equals time off so with PCT im looking at about 18 weeks off. At what point during those 18 weeks would it be safe and beneficial to run a bridge.
  4. N

    Sarms bridge cycle compounds/dosage advice

    Hey guys. Intermediate to advanced AAS/SARMS user. 6'1, 36 years old, and now down to 195lbs/6% BF from 220lbs thanks to the fantastic cycle guidance Dylan and Rick gave me (see below, as well strictly following the Renaissance Periodization 12 week 'Cutting Phase' as well as fantastic gear from...
  5. S

    Bridging Between Tren Cycles While on TRT

    Which SARM would work best for bridging between Tren cycles to keep the gains? I'm on TRT (higher end of the spectrum). Since I've already decided to run both GW (while on Tren as per Dylan's recommendation) and MK-677 (6+ months), I prefer not to stack too many more compounds due to cost, etc...