1. RUCingdsgainz

    3 weeks on trt dose plus 200mgs of Test E

    Got my bloods done in week three of my cycle of 100mgs of Test cyp and 200mgs of Test E havnt gotten bloods done that early in the cycle before Test at little over 1600 estrogen at 38 I feel like that a lil low for 300 total mgs of Test a week??? Reason for cycle I am going to a health spa and...
  2. N

    Mid cycle blood results?

    Got the panel from lab corp, results say, abnormal. got stuff high and low. How can I have results deciphered? No doctors around me worth a shit. Any comments appreciated. Creatinine-high-1.61/eGFR nonafrican am-low-48/eGFR African am-low-56/calcium serum-high-10.5/alkaline phosphate...
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