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    Blood work?

    Hi guys newbie here. I'm struggling to find any extensive information on what blood tests I need to ask for when I get tested. All I can find is Total/ Free Testosterone. Any help appreciated, cheers.
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    Had to Stop Cycle for 12 Days - How bad is this? Appreciate any Advice!

    Hi all, This was the start of my first cycle ever and I was in the middle of the following cycle: S4 50mg Week 1-12 Lgd 10mg week 1-6 MK-677 6-12 10mg RAD-140 6-12 25mg I basically took S4 and LGD for 6 weeks, then eliminated LGD, and took MK-677 and Rad-140 along with S4 for two weeks...
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    Lab results, is my gear fake or real?

    Hi Everyone, I'm doing my first cycle as it was recommended to by HRT doctor. However, I did not buy the gear from doctor's office as It was ridiculously expensive. Instead, I have a been buying my great from a shady place so to make sure it's legi,t I've done 2 blood tests in a hospital. Here...
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    Blood Work Question

    Dylan, I know from your video that you recommend getting blood work done pre, mid, and post cycle. What specifically should you get tested for each of these? I know Test (free and total), and Estradiol are a given. But what about RBC and Cholesterol? Other markers? Thanks