1. m555zma

    No AI during cycle

    I have not used ai's for the past 3 cycles. I have not experienced any emotional issues, also I use EQ for every cycle which supposedly possesses ai properties.. Do you guys use ai's no matter what? Or just keep them on hand when needed..
  2. C

    Aromatase Inhibitor Question

    Hello everyone. I need to understand this correctly: Should i run an Aromatase Inhibitor DURING my 12 weeks Test E cycle, or should i only do that if i'm having high estrogen levels during the cycle?
  3. The_Gat5

    Atrazine: The Common Herbicide that Induces Aromatase

    So I just started doing research on this stuff today, but it is very common here in the U.S. "One of the most widely used and most troublesome endocrine-disrupting pesticides in the U.S. is atrazine. Manufactured by agro-chemical giant Syngenta, atrazine is sprayed mostly on Midwest corn fields...
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