Atrazine: The Common Herbicide that Induces Aromatase


So I just started doing research on this stuff today, but it is very common here in the U.S.

"One of the most widely used and most troublesome endocrine-disrupting pesticides in the U.S. is atrazine. Manufactured by agro-chemical giant Syngenta, atrazine is sprayed mostly on Midwest corn fields and is consistently one of the most detected crop chemicals in drinking water.

Tests by the Environmental Protection Agency have repeatedly found atrazine in Midwestern drinking water sources that exceed levels of concern for infants and children. In 2009 The New York Times reported that an estimated 33 million Americans have been exposed to atrazine through their taps.

The hormone-disrupting qualities of atrazine have been well-documented, most notably by Tyrone Hayes, a professor of biology at the University of California at Berkeley. His extensive research has shown the chemical altered the reproductive systems in frogs.

In 2010, Hayes and a team of researchers exposed 40 male tadpoles to water with atrazine at 2.5 parts per billion - well within the EPA’s established drinking water standards. Roughly one-tenth of the frogs that grew in the atrazine-tainted water become 'functionally female,' Hayes reported."

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We have lots of potential problems with pesticides, our honeybees are a pretty big concern right now; without them pollination of our crops will become rather difficult. Hopefully we keep the "Department of Environmental" lol....