1. A

    Anxiety help

    Age 30 Height 5' 7" Weight 167 Years of training 3 years natural First cycle test P 100mg EOD, aromasin 12.5 mg EOD. 3 weeks in. Supplements Omega 3, D3, Amino blend Carb cycling, low carb on pinned days. I overcame anxiety about three years ago around when I started training. This is my...
  2. raybeast

    High SHBG may lead you into depression

    I feel like such an lifeless blah.... libido in the dirt... I don't feel like a man... I posted here before talking about my prolactin issue.. I battled and battled that issue and I finally was able to get it down to normal ranges. In the mean time I experimented with different diets and the...
  3. M

    Life Question -- Why do you guys train?

    Sup guys, If this flies with the moderators, I wanted to ask everyone a bit of a life question... ....Why do you guys train? And I'm not just talking about getting big, or getting strong, but WHY ELSE do you train? Personally, I experience strong anxiety and frequent panic attacks, and...