1. C

    Tren to Test Ratio

    Hey guys, currently running: Tbol: 50mg/d Tren e: 250mg/W Test e/ 750mg/W I?m asking what?s the optimum ratio of tren to test... I?ve scowered forums and videos and so many conflicting answers, some say you should use double the test for every mg of tren (so 250mg tren for 500mg test) others...
  2. AsapSlim

    is roids mall fake or a scam?

    Was looking online and came across this website, anybody know anything about them? Are they legit is what im asking
  3. AsapSlim

    Looking to lose body fat without losing muscle and possibly gaining mass.

    My current weight: 195 Height: 5'9 age: 33 Bf% 23 I was looking to run a solo ostarine cycle but I'm not sure if I should add s4 or something else. I just want to look ripped while still maintaining/gaining mass. Any suggestions