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Thread: Sarm delivery

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    Sarm delivery

    So, following up on my post a few days ago... I was waiting on some mk2866 and it was expected Monday. I went out for the day on Saturday, and it had been delivered... Great news, right? Well, hopefully... See, the problem is that it was unbearably hot yesterday, around 96, and even hotter due to humidity which was like 90%... It was disgusting. Probably 25 degrees hotter than the storage temp. Will this affect the product any, and how so? I would assume it was probably outside for 12 hours, between sitting in the delivery truck and then sitting outside the house... Obviously it's not just instantly ruined at 1 degree over temp... But, is this enough to hurt the product?

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    For that short duration I doubt it had any affect. Its longterm exposure to high temps that cause it to degrade

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    thats tough to say... with that kind of humidity, its not a good thing for it to be exposed that long... put it under a light and see how it looks...

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    What should I be looking for, for heat damage?

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    see if the consistency is off with it.. or if it fell out of suspension

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    It only looks like some bubbles after I shake it. Other than that, it looks pretty much completely clear, no floaters or anything. I've read other suspension issues here on the forum's where there were visible floaters so It doesn't look like anything was separated, but I'm not entirely sure as I'm new to the SARMs world. This is only my 2nd bottle, but it doesn't seem to have any consistency differences from the first bottle I had. I wish there was like a picture I could Google lol unfortunately it's not that easy to figure out what the stuff is supposed to look like for newbies

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    sounds like its okay to me

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