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    Post cycle

    Hey man. Firstly want to thank you for videos. Really helpful. Im starting my first cycle. Im running anadrol 50 and test 400. 25 - 50mg daily for 5 weeks, 1mg of test every 2nd day for 12 weeks. I have nolvadex for pct will that be enough of should i add anything else? Thx bro

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    You should be running test only on your first cycle to see how your body reacts to that first, and save the anadrol for a later cycle. You should probably run that in the neighborhood of 350mg/week on your first cycle. If what you have is testosterone enanthate 400 mg/mL, you should really only need to inject about 1/2 mL (200mg) twice per week (for a total of 400mg/week) to get approximately that. To control estrogen, you also should have an aromitase inhibitor on hand, such as arimidex or aromisan with a common dosage being .5mg eod or 12.5mg eod respectively (although dialing in your estrogen control requires evaluating your bodies reaction mid-cycle blood work). For PCT, you will want to do a full 6 week PCT with Nolvadex (50mg for 3 weeks and 25mg for the next 3 weeks) and Clomid (40mg for 3 weeks then 20mg for the next 3 weeks), as well as having some aromisan on hand for any estrogen rebound.

    By the way, people will want to know your age, body fat%, years of training, and goals to provide the best advice for you.

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    this is terrible, just terrible... thats not even remotely close to a full pct for one but worse than that is using anadrol on a first cycle... that is for experienced users only... DO NOT use anadrol on a first cycle.. your first cycle should be test only

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